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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry consists of procedures that enhance the aesthetics of your teeth.


The Coverage You Need

Sometimes a filling isn’t sufficient in covering a damaged tooth – this is when an inlay or onlay comes in. While an inlay covers the middle of a tooth, an onlay extends to the edges.

inlay and onlay placement on teeth


Restore Your Natural Smile

Looking to fix gaps, chips, or disproportionate teeth? Bonding offers a straightforward process to restore the appearance and function of your teeth. First the attachment area is roughened, a soft bonding material applied and shaped, hardened with UV light, and finally polished to perfection.

Before and after of bonding to fix chipped front two teeth


Correct Discoloration

Brighten any room you walk in to with a brighter smile. The procedure consists of whitening gel, which contains peroxide molecules, applied to the surface of your teeth.  Your teeth are then exposed to light to speed up the whitening process.

brightened, pearly white tooth


Aim For Long-Term Aesthetics

Permanently apply a custom-fit shell to the front surface of your tooth for a long-term aesthetic appeal. Veneers turn your smile timeless by affixing a durable and natural looking material to teeth that have been worn down, broken or discolored over time.

Placing a veneer on a prepared tooth


The Slim-Fit Version

A thinner alternative to veneers, lumineers also improve the natural appearance of your teeth with a long-term durability. However, lumineers are reversible because they don’t require removal of enamel to fit the shell.

Comparing a thin lumineer on a tooth in contrast to the thicker veneer


Complete Coverage

Crowns encapsulate the entire visible surface of your tooth to restore the shape, strength, and/or size. A procedure fitted for substantially damaged teeth, crowns help to increase functionality and appearance.


Placing a crown on a prepared tooth


Invisible Braces

An alternative to regular braces, Invisalign straightens your teeth discreetly with custom-fitted, clear plastic aligners.

Clear, see-through Invisalign fitted onto teeth

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